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Solar Panels

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Glass Armour

Solar Panel Cleaning & Coating

Top Quality Coating For All Types of Glass Surfaces

Solar panels need direct sunlight to create electrical energy – any interruption to this light will significantly reduce your solar system's performance. ​Dirt, bird droppings, grime, dust or other debris accumulation on PV modules surfaces can lead to a loss of light reaching the active semiconductor. As a result, it can significantly reduce the Kilowatt output by up to 45%.

From the ground, solar panels may look clean and seem to have been washed by the rain. However, with no proper cleaning and maintenance, their capacity can remarkably drop by up to 25%. At Glass Armour, we can apply our coating that will help keep the panels cleaner for longer and perform at their best, saving you money.

Using products specifically designed to clean and protect solar panels, we can help make your panels sparklingly clean. The protective coating we use offers invisible, long-lasting, and renewable protection to keep your solar panels running at their full potential. At the same time, it can exceedingly increase your solar panel's lifespan.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We use non-abrasive equipment that is environmentally friendly to ensure a stain-free and scratch-free finish for maximum sunlight absorption.

Solar Panel Coating

We use durable and highly repellent coating to shield the PV modules from water, soil and mineral deposit build up and make cleaning easier. A single application can last for a long time of up to 10 years.

Glass Protection Matters!

​Glass Armour is a fully insured provider with a team of industry professionals who are site safety and trades qualified.

Save Time

​Enjoy 90% less cleaning time after our glass restoration and glass protection coating application.

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Save Money

There's no need to replace. We can make it look new. Glass restoration is a great investment with just a fraction of the cost of replacing your glass.

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10-Year Warranty Guarantee

We back our products and work 100%. We confidently protect you with a 10-year warranty for our restoration work.

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